Tuesday, 1 May 2018

St John Visit

Kirsty Sutherland from St John came to Taieri Beach School to teach us how to take care of injuries and allergies. 
 Asthma Attack- check to see if they have an inhaler. Get them to breathe it in for as long as they can.
 Bleeding - go to your first aid kit and get put a gauze and bandage. Wash the cut and put the gauze on underneath the bandage. If teh bleeding is really bad cal an ambulance.
 Allergies - if you see someone turning red or puffing up check to see if they have an epipen. It looks like a needle. Stab it in their thigh - it doesn't matter if they are wearing clothes, it will go straight through. But if they are wearing a wetsuit, take it off.
 Burns - if it's a burn from a fire, rinse it under cold water. If it is sunburn, put after sun on, aloe vera is the best choice. 
 Bee stings - get a flat card and slide it under the sting. Don't try this if it is a wasp sting because they take their stinger with them unlike bees.
Thank you Kirsty or teaching us what to do in emergencies.

Written by Tori and Devon

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