Friday, 2 June 2017

Crystal Making with the OutReach Scientists

On Tuesday Dave the Scientist came with his science students Jacob, Caleb, Michaela and Sian to make crystals in three different ways with us.

First, we put nickel sulfate in cold water and ammonium sulfate in hot water. When we put the two liquids together, blue crystals started to form.

Then we made crystal gardens using metal salts in water glass. We made individual ones in sample tubes and a class one in a glass jar. You can see the photos of our amazing crystals gardens.

Finally, we had three tubes of different solutions of silica jelly and we used the dropper to put liquid carefully on the top of the solutions. The crystals will grow where the liquids meet. We need to check them to find out which solution made the crystals grow the fastest.

At the end, we had fun with dry ice.

by Lily, Layla and Devon

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