Friday, 2 June 2017

From School Garden to our Plate

We took home some vegetables from our school garden. Here are some photos of us eating our school grown produce. We will show our photos to Pip and Harold the Giraffe from The Life Education Trust when we do our Healthy Eating unit on 26th June.
My Dad made this sandwich. It had lettuce in it from our school garden. It tasted really good because it went well with the mayonnaise. Louie
Mum made a sandwich for me.  She put bread out and then I put some lettuce from the school garden on it and Mum put bread on top. It tasted good.  Delrio
 This is my soup that Dad made from the school spinach. It tasted nice. Leo

Mum cooked up some silverbeet from our school garden. It tasted really good. Nate

My Dad cooked some burgers and we had the school lettuce, cheese and chicken on burger buns. Devon 

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