Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Healthy Eating with Pip and Harold

The Juniors learnt Harold's song that teaches us about good healthy food choices.

Lots of food from the ground
Some of the food from the animals
A little bit of food from ingredients
Sugar, salt, fat
Sugar, salt, fat
My body doesn't want too much of that!

The Seniors learnt about eating healthy food and making heathy food choices with what we eat.
Some foods have more sugar than we expected. Some yoghurts had lots of sugar.
Cornflakes was very surprising because it does not have much sugar.
We made a menu for breakfast and lunch. We thought our first menu was healthy but it had 23.75 teaspoons of sugar. Our second menu was much better with only 7 teaspoons of sugar.

We looked at the sugar, salt and fat content in different foods. Nutrigrain and Cocopops had heaps of sugar so perhaps they are good to eat in the weekend. Weetbix and Cornflakes are good for breakfast during the week.

Layla got a scan of her body to show what it is like inside a body.
Your brain is only as big as your two fists together.
 It takes 12 hours for the food to go through the intestines.
 Saliva helps to soften the food so it can go down your throat easier.
 Layla’s heartbeat was slow when she jogged on the spot and then her heart
 started going faster when she started running and when she stopped her
 heart went slower.

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